Live blogging – the cruelest form of torture

Last week I experienced what can only be comparable to Chinese Water torture – live blogging. An hour and a half of Anna Bligh media conference videos from January 2011 were aired and within this time a continuously updated live blog was kept. During this period of time I wrote some 2,500 words and believe I inflicted carpal tunnel on myself. The end product was riddled with gramatical and spelling errors. I did manage to inject a google map, some pictures and a timeline, but this was in my state of hysteria after enduring that exercise. However, I am probably being hyperbolic about the tortured that this induced. I think this was a far easier task than something like a live blog on a parliamentary debate that has no definite conclusion and once you are committed to a live blog you cannot abandon it partially completed. The MasterChef finale is something that would be far more accomplishable for me (and it is continuously punctuated by ad breaks and dramatic pauses that would allow for time to R&R). So, take this as a warning, if you plan on live blogging, ensure that you are fully equipped for an arduous and lengthy task. Bring food, bring water and potentially bring a paramedic.


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