Monthly Archives: October 2012

Antiquated or overshadowed?

In an era where technology is constantly in flux, is it best to always use what’s newest, most updated or advanced? Often the answer is no. While new technologies allow for a torrent of new platforms to report through, the most well-established and oldest principles of journalism are really the core and crux of reporting. […]

Campbell Newman’s LNP government cuts: The effects to the Queensland community

Since Campbell Newman’s succession as Premier of Queensland, a series of cost-cutting measures have been evident across the state, which Unions and community services say will have widespread effects on the Queensland community. Campbell Newman’s Cuts on Dipity. The Newman government’s cuts and reductions to jobs and services have enraged many Unions and community organisations who say […]

Action Time

After 24 posts, 156 tweets and 10 weeks of studying online journalism, it was action time. Specifically, it was time to create my own online article that incorporated all the techniques and principles that had been discussed over the semester. My story is a news feature based around the recent cuts and defunding to public sector employees […]