Action Time

After 24 posts, 156 tweets and 10 weeks of studying online journalism, it was action time. Specifically, it was time to create my own online article that incorporated all the techniques and principles that had been discussed over the semester. My story is a news feature based around the recent cuts and defunding to public sector employees and community services by Campbell Newman’s government in Queensland focusing on the wider effects for the Queensland community. I spoke to the president of the Queensland Council of Unions John Battams, paramedic and state council union delegate for United Voice professional ambulance officers union Roy Grover, director of the QWWS Kerriann Dear and the executive director Healthy Communities Paul Martin about the topic.

The reason why I thought this topic would be so successful is due to the immense readership the public sector comprises. However, this topic also resonates with the whole Queensland community as it discusses issues that are relevant to the entire population.

In order to communicate this message successfully I utilised visual elements including a slideshow of pictures of a recent protest against the cuts. The photographs can convey the message far more successfully than just through words and visual components in an online story have proven to attract readers. Also, I created a Dipity timeline of the cuts that Campbell Newman has executed since his empowerment in March. This adds another layer to the story that not only engages readers, but communicates and informs audiences more comprehensively. Furthermore I included a Spotify that captures the anger of the Queensland population that is revealed in social media. However, it also presents the alternative angle in order to maintain objectivity. Spotify amalgamates different forms of social media, which for many people who are immersed in that culture, is far more attractive than just words. Also, clips from YouTube were used, which means if readers prefer video communication, they have the option.

Throughout the article I linked to other applicable sites, which is another aspect of online journalism that allows for a reader to be more fully informed. Also, as Daniel Hurst of the Brisbane Times suggested, I linked to sites that may be considered opposition in the effort to create more trust with my readers as it assures them that I am not omitting any information just due to its source being from a competing site. This included a Google Map by the Brisbane Times that increased the impartiality of my article as it showed the investments of the Newman state government as opposed to solely concentrating on the cuts.

Finally, my title included many buzz words like “Campbell Newman” “LNP government”, “cuts” and “Queensland”. If one googles Campbell Newman or Newman the word “cut” inevitably appears. Hence, these words will increase my search optimisation and again increase readership.

Thus, this is the culmination of 11 weeks of work. Something that OJ1 has clearly demonstrated is that actions speak louder than words.


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