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Flog a Blog

The internet should be reaped for all it’s worth. Journalists should squeeze every drop out of this essential platform. Best Australian Blogger of 2011 Nikki Parkinson (@StylingYou) debated that blogs can propel journalists into a far more liberating and sometimes lucrative sphere. The blog editor for the Guardian Matt Wells says that blogging has “transformed” journalism and […]

Mental Health Centre of Research Excellence

Listen to my interview with Professor Harvey Whiteford who holds the Kratzmann Chair of Psychiatry and Population Health and is the lead investigator at the University of Queensland about the recent announcement that there will be a Centre of Research Excellence for Mental Health opening at UQ.

Equal Love Rally

Listen to my interview with Jessica Payne on the Equal Love Rally in Brisbane City.

WSPA Putting the Live Export Trade To Sleep

Lisen to my interview with the campaign manager for WSPA, Jodie Janevics.

IPROWD Indigenous Placement in the Police Force

IPROWD Indigenous Placement in the Police Force

Listen to my interview with Byron Matthews, the Branch Manager for the Indigenous Education and Employment Group, that was aired on 4zzzfm last week.