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Action Time

After 24 posts, 156 tweets and 10 weeks of studying online journalism, it was action time. Specifically, it was time to create my own online article that incorporated all the techniques and principles that had been discussed over the semester. My story is a news feature based around the recent cuts and defunding to public sector employees […]

Where’s the line?

Social media has severely blurred the line between acceptability and liability. Since the advent of social media, users have been encouraged to vocalise their every opinion, speculation and otherwise censored views. But the detriment of this practice is often underestimated by the social media populace. In fact, it is very easy to ignorantly violate the […]

The power of social media phenomenons

David After Dentist is a two minute video in which a young boy shows the disorienting and hallucinogenic effects of dentist related drugs. This video has coined many catch phrases like “Is this real life?” and “I can’t see anything”. This hard hitting footage has received 113,929,695 views, and counting. The video The Sneezing Baby Panda, the title is fairly […]

On the treadmill of live blogging

Live blogging is much like jogging. Journalists run along the with a constantly unfolding story, which may speed up, and almost inevitably causes them to break a sweat. Ultimately, live bloggers run with the story, so their readers can catch up. Daniel Hurst (@danielhurstbne) is an experienced blogger, contributing to the flourishing live blogging. […]

Flog a Blog

The internet should be reaped for all it’s worth. Journalists should squeeze every drop out of this essential platform. Best Australian Blogger of 2011 Nikki Parkinson (@StylingYou) debated that blogs can propel journalists into a far more liberating and sometimes lucrative sphere. The blog editor for the Guardian Matt Wells says that blogging has “transformed” journalism and […]

Ways to beef up online news

To beef up your online news articles and give them a metaphoric steroid injection there are a myriad of tools available. 1. Google Maps Google Maps are an indispensable tool for demonstrating the location of events and engaging viewers visually. Online journalist Kasper Sorensen debated that Google Maps are an essential tool for journalists and can greatly […]

App-arently Helping Journalism

Facebook is debatably the most influential form of social media and has a colossal impact on modern life. There are some 800 million Facebook users worldwide, 50 per cent of which log on every day. In May, Facebook announced the launch of their new ‘App Center’ where a variety of applications are available ranging from games […]

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

Celebrity Chef Matt Golinski has recently discussed the death of his wife and three daughters in Boxing Day fires that left 40 per cent of his body burnt. News coverage has encircled this event and his recent discourse about this tragedy has ignited (poor choice of words? Too soon for puns?) more reporting. Within online news there […]

Being A Current Affairs Cameleon

A recent article by Rob Grimshaw (hopefully no relation to Tracy) from the Financial Times put a strong emphasis on the flexibility that news requires in order to stay relevant in an environment that is constantly in flux in terms of production and consumption. Namely, Grimshaw contended that in order for news organisations to be successful they must […]

Engagement – How to Get Readers Wanting to Marry You

Engagement is paramount in online journalism as readers are no longer passive and need to be involved as motivation for reading. Utilising a variety of social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, blogging and Storify is essential in order to gain interest in the news you are producing. This allows readers to comment on, reblog, retweet and […]