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A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

Celebrity Chef Matt Golinski has recently discussed the death of his wife and three daughters in Boxing Day fires that left 40 per cent of his body burnt. News coverage has encircled this event and his recent discourse about this tragedy has ignited (poor choice of words? Too soon for puns?) more reporting. Within online news there […]

Becoming one of ‘those’ twitter people

When I found myself tweeting about making pizza I knew I had become one of ‘those’ twitter people. I had become one of those people who considered that any menial activity or random thought was worthy of an international public announcement. However Spencer Howson (@SpencerHowson), the 612 ABC Brisbane morning presenter, debated that twitter – […]

Pearls of Wisdom From David Earley

This week we were graced with the presence of David Earley (@earleyedition) in Online Journalism 1. Earley illuminated a few facets of online journalism that were particularly interesting and applicable to the approach that journalism will have to take in the future. Specifically, he mentioned the statistic that 75% of people in the world have […]