Adroid and Apple systems have been battling each other in a dramatic warfare. Each side has sustained blows, but this vicious dispute still wages. When comparing apps, the tools of a successful online journalist, the conclusion is debatable. Marissa Calligeros said that reporters from major news organisations in Brisbane generally employ iPads or iPhones. This […]

Online journalists walk a fine line on the precarious edge of the nature of comments, which have the potential to create invaluable interactivity or propel you into the vile world of trolling. Ombudsman for Nieman Reports Alicia Shepard debated that when audiences commented on Nieman reports they often write messages that are “thoughtful, engaging or provocative”. However, […]

The internet should be reaped for all it’s worth. Journalists should squeeze every drop out of this essential platform. Best Australian Blogger of 2011 Nikki Parkinson (@StylingYou) debated that blogs can propel journalists into a far more liberating and sometimes lucrative sphere. The blog editor for the Guardian Matt Wells says that blogging has “transformed” journalism and […]

Listen to my interview with Professor Harvey Whiteford who holds the Kratzmann Chair of Psychiatry and Population Health and is the lead investigator at the University of Queensland about the recent announcement that there will be a Centre of Research Excellence for Mental Health opening at UQ.

To beef up your online news articles and give them a metaphoric steroid injection there are a myriad of tools available. 1. Google Maps Google Maps are an indispensable tool for demonstrating the location of events and engaging viewers visually. Online journalist Kasper Sorensen debated that Google Maps are an essential tool for journalists and can greatly […]

Facebook is debatably the most influential form of social media and has a colossal impact on modern life. There are some 800 million Facebook users worldwide, 50 per cent of which log on every day. In May, Facebook announced the launch of their new ‘App Center’ where a variety of applications are available ranging from games […]

Celebrity Chef Matt Golinski has recently discussed the death of his wife and three daughters in Boxing Day fires that left 40 per cent of his body burnt. News coverage has encircled this event and his recent discourse about this tragedy has ignited (poor choice of words? Too soon for puns?) more reporting. Within online news there […]

The main innovation of online journalism is the speed and immediacy that information can be relayed. Journalists now have in indispensible ability to produce news almost instantaneously as an event occurs. Marissa Calligeros (@marissa_sc), the breaking news reporter at the, is immersed in this new journalistic culture and employs a variety of tools in […]

When I found myself tweeting about making pizza I knew I had become one of ‘those’ twitter people. I had become one of those people who considered that any menial activity or random thought was worthy of an international public announcement. However Spencer Howson (@SpencerHowson), the 612 ABC Brisbane morning presenter, debated that twitter – […]

Listen to my interview with Jessica Payne on the Equal Love Rally in Brisbane City.